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"witnessed so intimate a scene" [HOUN]

Recording IHOSE 191 live

At the end of last month, we tried something new: a live recording of our weekly discussion show,  Trifles.

We've become more familiar with the technology and we enjoyed the interaction with our viewers, so we're going to expand it to include a guest.

On Wednesday, April 29, at 4:30 pm EDT (click here to find your local time) we're going to record a live episode of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. Since our twice-monthly show is an interview format, we'll be welcoming Sheldon Goldfarb, author of Sherlockian Musings: Thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes Stories.

You'll be able to find the live video on our Facebook page  and our YouTube channel; when you click on either of those links, you can set a reminder. Please subscribe to us on both channels!

Looking forward to having you join us on Wednesday; and remember, if you can't watch this live, you can always watch later, or tune in to the audio-only portion that we'll share as our podcast on the 30th.

The game's afoot!