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"in recording from time to time some of the curious experiences" [DEVI]

On Monday, we tried something we've never done before:

We hosted and recorded an episode of our podcast Trifles live on YouTube and Facebook. (You do subscribe to us and like us there, right?)

After a few technical glitches, things got moving, and we were into our natural rhythm. During the first half of the show, we threw out a few of our ideas as to who were some of the characters in the Sherlock Holmes stories who faced Loneliness and Isolation.

In the second half, we opened up the discussion to commenters and viewers, who were very kind, patient and encouraging. And they had some of the best suggestions!

Little did we know that the streaming interface we were using to broadcast to both channels also allowed us to see the aggregated comments in one place (we were desperately going back and forth to Facebook and YouTube from our interface).

Nevertheless, the effect of hosts and viewers coming together was a most rewarding one.

We downloaded the original live video, took out the unnecessary fumbling, and added some graphics. You can view it here:

As we're dealing with various states of lockdown, quarantine and isolation, we thought this was a grand way to connect our little world.

The question we now pose to you is: should we do it again?

If so, what should we talk about?

The game's afoot!