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“No doubt you think that you are complimenting me” [STUD] 

One of the joys we have of making updates on this site is sharing the Baker Street Elementary comic strip every other Sunday. In a time when we can all use an extra dose of joy, that was the focus of our most recent episode of Trifles, where we talked about Upbeat Moments in the Canon (ihose.co/trifles170).

If you're following along at home, that's our 170th Trifles episode. Not a particularly memorable or celebratory number, but it's a happy thought nonetheless, that we can continue providing some levity and edutainment for all interested Sherlockians.

Another happy episode was Why Thank You (ihose.co/trifles131), which was all about compliments in the Sherlock Holmes stories. Can you think of any off the top of your head? See if you matched with any that we came up with by clicking on that link, or listening via the player below:

Meanwhile, over at Baker Street Elementary there are some back-handed compliments happening...

Baker Street Elementary follows the original adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, as they and their friends work through the issues of elementary school in Victorian London. An archive of all previous episodes can be viewed at www.bakerstreetelementary.org.