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“your wide experience of turf matters” [SILV] 

The sport of kings horse racing is part of the Sherlock Holmes lore. It's also part of a tradition in Sherlockian events going back some 70 years.

The BSI Press has issued a new book, Upon the Turf, that is a comprehensive look at horse racing in the Canon, Victorian England, and the Baker Street Irregulars, as well as associated topics such as gambling, drugs (quite an associated set of vices!), the law, art, and history.

Candace J. Lewis, BSI ("A Little Art Jargon") and Ira Brad Matetsky ("The Final Problem"), together with Roger Donway, edited this volume related to horses and horse racing. Candy and Ira join us to talk about the inspiration behind the volume and our own Burt Wolder describes his contribution to the scholarship.

The Canonical Couplet is back, and the prize for this episode is a copy of the BSI Press booklet Commissionaire: Julian Wolff and his Baker Street Irregulars by Sonia Fetherston. This booklet was distributed to attendees of the Lilly Conference in November 2019 and is an advance publicity piece for Sonia's forthcoming biography of Julian. It is not available anywhere else on the market.

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