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"it is a singular and a dangerous web" [DANC]

Over the years, Sherlock Holmes has inspired many board and card games. Among the earliest was a Parker Bros. card game issued in 1904. And while he wasn't named as part of the cast of characters, Sherlock Holmes was referenced in early editions of Clue.

With all of the focus on video games and virtual reality lately, we were delighted to discover that someone is doubling down on board games again, and in a very stylish way.

In this case, that someone is Lucy Keifer and her creation is Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty's Web. The game is being sourced on Kickstarter, and Lucy needs your help to bring this game to life. She's very close — just days away and so close to achieving her budget. Read on and watch below, and see if you're convinced to support this project (complete with rewards!).
London is flooded with unsolvable crimes. Play as Holmes, Watson, Mycroft, Irene Adler, Inspector Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson to trace them back to the nefarious Professor Moriarty. But be careful! Moriarty is ruthless and brilliant, and unless you’re very, very careful you will find yourself caught in Moriarty’s Web.
Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty's Web is a collaborative, moving board game. Unlike most board games which feature a static fold-out board, this is a build-your-own model, which changes based on how the game unfolds. This creative, unexpected approach fits with Professor Moriarty's cunning plans and solving it is fit for the brilliant mind of Sherlock Holmes.

In this case, brilliance can happen at ages 10 and up, and the game can accommodate three to six people. And players need to collaborate with each other in order to work their way through Moriarty's Web.

The Kickstarter page has many more graphics and even a 30-minute video with a preview of what actual game play looks like.

Minimum investment is $40, but there are other levels with deluxe models, incentives and other goodies to help you make your decision.

We're looking forward to adding this to our collection. We hope you are too. But, even if you aren't, please share this article to help make this wonderful project a reality.