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"I loved with such a love as comes once in a lifetime" [PRIO]

We're aware of the quotes "to Sherlock Holmes, she was always the woman," and "I have never loved, Watson," but what was Sherlock Holmes's relationship with love? Was he truly "an automaton — a calculating machine," or was he more familiar with the emotion than we've previously considered.

In honor of Valentine's Day (yesterday), we discuss this and the various relationships in the Sherlock Holmes stories that involved couples, whether they were husbands and wives, intended spouses or spurned lovers. There is a good deal of love that runs through the Canon, some of it good and decent, some of it passionate and infatuated, and some of it selfish. But it all adds up to some fascinating situations that we're left with.

We have our monthly news update, listener comments, "Mental Exaltation" featuring contestant John Sherwood, and an Editor's Gas-Lamp taken from the March 1991 (Vol. 41, No. 1) issue of The Baker Street Journal, titled "Women," in a nod to the holiday and to the last episode. And be sure to stay tuned for another gem of an Easter egg.

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