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"I had a note from my brother this morning" [STOC] 

Thank you for your continued interest in "Mental Exaltation," the quiz segment of the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere internet radio show. You can listen to Episode 80, in which our guest Zach Dundas played on behalf of a contestant (annotated below at 1:20:00).

If you've listened to NPR shows like Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! and Weekend Edition Sunday, you'll know that there are opportunities for listeners to participate in quizzes. In the former, a guest typically plays on behalf of a listener; on the latter, the listener plays live on the air.

As I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere (the podcast) has a connection with NPR - we've been called "a cross between NPR's Car Talk and Fresh Air" - we thought it would be entirely appropriate to model our own quiz program after the two above.

Here's how "Mental Exaltation" works:
  • Each month, we'll post a qualifying question to determine a listener who'll play / be played for on the program. Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries.
  • If you'd like to enter, you must subscribe to I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere by email.
  • We'll either have a guest play on your behalf or we'll patch you into the show to have you play over the phone or Skype.
  • If your player or you succeeds in passing the test, you'll win a random item from our I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Grab-Bag of Goodies (that's the IHOSE GBG).

Episode 81 of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere will feature author, celebrity and former NBA star Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who has written Mycroft Holmes. Our quiz and the qualifying question are directly related to the book, so stay tuned!

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