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As is our tradition this time of the year, we bring to you the Christmas classic that surrounds "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle."

Typically we try to provide the freshest and most unique content here, but there are times when a grand tradition prevents us from keeping such a mandate - including our own self-imposed rule of trying to capture a relevant and original Canonical phrase for the title of each entry, never to be repeated. Just as the Wall Street Journal annually reproduces a 1949 editorial written by Vermont Royster called "In Hoc Anno Domini," we saw no reason to avoid replication here.

In the case of "The Second Morning After Christmas" [BLUE] which has been used in 200620082009 2010 and 2011, we find that we have a post that continues to please, so we'll continue the tradition.

If this is new to you, please feel free to share and use this at your own Sherlockian society holiday meetings. The only thing we ask is that you attribute the poem to its rightful author. We have taken the liberty of using this very poem in the latest episode of our sister podcast, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. We invite you to listen to the reading, as well as that of "A Christmas Story Without Slush" by Christopher Morley. The couplet provides a very satisfying listening session during this Christmas season.

So, we bring you "Two Days After Christmas," a tribute to "The Blue Carbuncle" in the style of Clement Moore's A Visit from St. Nick.

Two Days After Christmas

We have the pleasure and honor of wishing you "the compliments of the season."

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