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We recently covered the Steampunk Holmes project underway at Kickstarter ("A Decidedly Nautical Appearance" [NOBL]). With support from a variety of sites such as Geeks Are Sexy, AppAdvice and the Baker Street Babes, there was certainly a good deal of attention drawn to the project, which needed $29,000 pledged by the deadline of May 3.

When we wrote about the Steampunk Holmes Kickstarter, only a little more than 50% of the funds had been raised. Last evening, with 41 hours to go before the project pledge period ended, the project met its funding goals. In a note to backers, the team wrote:
"Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent."

Steampunk Holmes is 100% funded. Thanks to all our fans and followers. Thanks to those who posted and tweeted and blogged about us. Thanks to YOU.

We couldn't have done it without you.
We can't wait to get started.
Any further funds will just go to make it better.
As of the writing of this entry, there are 879 backers for a total of $29,905 pledged. What a thoroughly satisfying conclusion to what seemed like an insurmountable task just two days ago.

If you contributed to the funds or passed along our original post, we thank you for playing an important part in helping to bring this very unique and exciting project to life. We look forward to bringing you further news of its development.