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"I never can resist a touch of the dramatic" [NAVA]

Oh, those guys over at Wessex Press! Not satisfied with producing one YouTube video, they made a sequel. Well, it only stands to reason, as From Gillette to Brett II is a sequel of sorts.

This time, they've upped the high drama and created a trailer reminiscent of the old Rathbone-Bruce trailers. See for yourself:

If you're having trouble seeing the video, click here to go directly to YouTube.



Montague Street said... July 20, 2007 at 9:09 PM

By Thunder you are correct sir!
The essence is uncanny. Thank you for sharing this bit of entertainment with us.

With as many movies and programs viewers are drawn to, seeking to massage their imagination and challenge their powers of deduction, I see no reason to dismiss putting many Sherlock Holmes stories to the screen. The sense tingling enjoyment the readers of our intrepid detectives exploits could be transferred to those novices who have merely heard the name or had a good chuckle at the parodies of our Victorian Crime Scene Investigators, and private investigator. Alas, the laments and languishings of an old fool.
Til next we meet again. A good evening to all. - Montague Street.