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"What could be better?" [SIGN]

Watson falling into a "brown study" in "The Cardboard Box"

As you can imagine, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with content for this blog. Even though we can generally find something in the news every day that mentions "Sherlock Holmes," it's not always what we would deem "blogworthy" - that is, not of high enough quality to place before you, dear reader. When you couple that with a busy work life and home life, it's amazing that we can get one post out a week, let alone one a day.

Of course, not being satisfied with simply being over-committed and over-delivering, we're actually thinking of over over-delivering. I'm in the process of developing something to complement The Baker Street Blog I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere and make the experience even richer for you. What could it possibly be? Interested? Curious?

We're developing a Sherlock Holmes podcast.

There, we've said it. There's no going back now. Your thoughts? Let us know with a comment below or in an email. If you're still with us, we'll explain.

What Is Podcasting?
Put simply: Podcasting is TiVo for your computer. It's Internet radio, when and where you choose to hear it. Have you ever listened to an audio file on the Web? Yes? Then you've got what it takes to listen to a podcast! You can also find a detailed explanation of podcasts here.

How Does It Work?
Through the magic of RSS (commonly called Really Simple Syndication - but also referred to as Ready for Some Stories), a way of pushing important content TO you instead of YOU hunting around the Web to find things. Pretty cool, huh? When you subscribe to a podcast, you get updates delivered directly to your computer when they're available.

(Click on the image for a larger version)

What Do I Need in Order to Listen?
Contrary to popular belief, you do not need an iPod. You can use any MP3 player or you can listen directly from your computer. One thing I strongly recommend - and again, you don't need an iPod or an Apple computer to do this - is iTunes, the free software for listening to music and podcasts. You can download iTunes here. It makes subscribing to podcasts very easy.

So, have we piqued your interest? Please take the brief survey below (click here if you're using a feedreader) so I can better understand if you'd be willing to listen. Within the next two weeks, we'll give you more details about the specifics of the project.