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A reader in Brazil recently asked about a "buy-law" with regard to the Baker Street Irregulars. For the uninitiated, I post the entire Constitution and Buy-Laws of the Baker Street Irregulars, as written by Elmer Davis.

Article I
The name of the society shall be the Baker Street Irregulars.

Article II
Its purpose shall be the study of the Sacred Writings.

Article III
All persons shall be eligible for membership who pass an examination in the Sacred Writings set by officer of the society, and who are considered otherwise suitable.

Article IV
The officers shall be: a Gasogene, a Tantalus, and a Commissionaire.
The duties of the Gasogene shall be those commonly performed by a President.
The duties of the Tantalus shall be those commonly performed by a Secretary.
The duties of the Commissionaire shall be to telephone down for ice, White Rock, and whatever else may be required and available; to conduct all negotiations with waiters; and to assess the members pro rata for the cost of same.

  1. An annual meeting shall be held on January 6th, at which the canonical toasts shall be drunk which were published in the Saturday Review of January 27, 1934; after which the members shall drink at will.
  2. The current round shall be bought by any member who fails to identify, by title of story and context, and quotation from the Sacred Writings submitted by any other member.
    1. Qualification A: If two or more members fail so to identify, a round shall be bought by each of those so failing.
    2. Qualification B: If the submitter of the quotation, upon challenge, fails to identify it correctly, he shall buy the round.
  3. Special meetings may be called at any time or any place by any one of three members, two of whom shall constitute a quorum.
    1. Qualification A: If said two people are of opposite sexes, they shall use care in selecting the place of meeting, to avoid misinterpretation (or interpretation either, for that matter).
    2. Qualification B: If two such persons of opposite sexes be clients of the Personal Column of the Saturday Review, the foregoing does not apply; such persons being presumed to let their consciences be their guides.
  4. All other business shall be left for the monthly meeting.
  5. There shall be no monthly meeting.


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