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We received this item from Kate Karlson, BSI ("The Evening Standard"). Kate is co-founder of the Turf-Builders of Baker Street. You can read her "Pink Sheet" as part of the writeup of the Philadelphia Silver Blaze 2005.

I recently had a professional call upon me that required a visit to the soon-to-be-opened harness race track complex at Tioga Downs, near my home in Binghamton, NY.

I was in search of an interview subject, a local horse breeder and trainer, and as I entered his barn, my eye was suddenly caught by the sign near a stall:

I quickly turned around to see who this feisty horse might be, and there he was:

"A child would know Silver Blaze with his white
forehead and his mottled off-foreleg."

This lively two-year-old colt is a trotter and getting ready to debut in the New York Sire Stakes in July. His sire was not Isonomy, but a NYSS Champion named Credit Winner.

I will be following his racing career with the greatest interest and, I hope, profit!

By the way, the winner of this year's Epsom Derby, whose Canonical entry was Shoscombe Prince, not Silver Blaze, was Sir Percy, a name full of Canonical echoes. I am pleased to say I had a deuce on him to do so.

I look forward to meeting other fans of the Sport of Kings at "Sherlock at Saratoga", the weekend of July 29-30.

Thank you, Kate for submitting this amazing find. We encourage readers to submit their own suggestions for blog posts. Simply email us with your information.


nizamulmulk jang bahadur said... June 4, 2006 at 12:32 PM

i have discovered this site today by chance.i have always considered myself to be an expert in sherlockiana.a very real one.i have often thought of challenging anybody for knowing the canon as much as i do.i know this comment here is not appropriate,but i didnot know where else to post it.by the way, silver blaze is not the very best of the stories.the racing details are a bit sketchy.anyway, i hope you dont mind these comments,posted as they were,with the affection for a man,whom i consider to be so wise.