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The Autumn issue of the BSJ is on the street! If you haven't seen your copy yet, it's on the way.

This quarter, we have what is commonly being referred to as the "Philadelphia" issue, because of so many contributions by members or guests of the Sons of the Copper Beeches. These include illustrator Scott Bond, John Genova, Paul Singleton, and Gideon Hill, whose article "The Richest Man in Horseracing" is our featured article on the site.

Other items in this issue include a wholehearted defense of the Game by Leslie Klinger, who is embarking on a book tour to promote The Annotated Sherlock Holmes, Volume 3. Les' official site can be found here.

John Genova tells us a bit about the life of Canonical illustrator Arthur Twidle; Paul Singleton surmises what The Whole Art of Detection might contain, had Holmes gotten around to writing it; David Pleger takes another look at Dr. Roylott's activities in "The Speckled Band"; in "An Exceptional Woman," Regina Stinson delves into the effect that Violent Hunter had on Holmes in "The Copper Beeches"; Barbara Cooper visits with one of the stars of Dressed To Kill; and John Bergquist recounts the adventures of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London as they journeyed through Switzerland last summer.

We also just announced the title of the 2005 Christmas Annual: Once a Week in Baker Street: the Boucher-Green Years by H. Paul Jeffers. It is now available for purchase on our web site, scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

We also ask that you take a moment to renew your subscription or give a gift subscription. Rates are $25.95 in the U.S., $28.50 elsewhere; $35.95/$39.50 for a subscription that includes the Christmas Annual.

Happy reading!