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“he was not the man that they had known” [CREE] 

Christopher Sequeira is a familiar name among those who enjoy speculative fiction. That's the intersection of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and super hero. And that's where his connection with Sherlock Holmes resides as well. Where did Chris first get inspired in this direction?

In the latest book he has edited, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not, Chris assembled authors to write short stories that share this premise: what if Sherlock Holmes teamed up with doctors other than John H. Watson? If there are parallel universes out there, then there's an infinite number of possibilities. It's a unique angle, and Chris's own story sets it up with great gusto.

 Join us for this discussion of what's possible and hear about Chris's approach to his craft, as well as some fascinating stories about Harlan Ellison and Fu Manchu.

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