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"a four of gin hot" [STUD] 

Perhaps you've heard us repeat the old standard regarding the requirements for a Sherlockian meeting: "Two Sherlockians, a copy of the Canon, and a bottle. In a pinch, you can do without the other Sherlockian."

There are two things inherently wrong with that phrase. The first is that it overemphasizes the imbibing habits of Sherlockians; beverages are merely part of the social construct and are in no way required. And second, we find the Game is much more enjoyable when played together.

However, for those who happen to tipple whilst in the company of others (or even alone — we're not judging), there's a new spirit on the market that should turn the heads of Sherlockians (and Holmesians) everywhere: Sherlock's Gin.

The brand is the first from Distillers of Surrey, a newly-formed distillery founded by Simon Sherlock, the head distiller at Silent Pool for the previous two and a half years. According to their site,
"Distillers of Surrey is an artisan small batch distillery where craftsmanship is at the heart of the process with unparalleled quality and a passion for producing spirits with distinction."
Sherlock's Gin is their bespoke small batch product, which had been a year in the making before they opened. And it comes in three varieties, as described by the site:

Solstice Edition

Eight delicately balanced botanicals inspired by the English summer, form this fresh and intriguing London Dry Gin. Poised at 42% ABV, the Solstice Edition has a traditional juniper body, floral notes of elderflower, paired with zesty pink grapefruit.
Perfect serve: plenty of ice, premium tonic and a twist of pink grapefruit peel to garnish.

Aromatic Edition

Twelve inviting botanicals make the Aromatic Edition. Inspired by the finest UK ingredients sourced  from olive groves in Sussex, rosemary and bay leaf from Surrey, and the UK's first tea plantation in Cornwall,  thus defining this as a quintessentially English London Dry Gin.
Perfect serve: plenty of ice, premium tonic and a sprig of rosemary to garnish.

Nautical Edition

With a polite nod to the naval heritage in Ripley comes the Nautical Edition. Nine botanicals were carefully selected to form the 57% ABV/100 proof London Dry Gin. Featuring a juniper-forward aroma, complimented by the delicate notes of angelica seed and zesty lime.
Perfect serve: plenty of ice, premium tonic and a twist of lime peel to garnish.

With the holidays coming up, this would make a great gift to the Sherlockian in your life. (Or perhaps to the Sherlockian podcast hosts in your life...)

But it looks as if you're out of luck if you want them to deliver and you live in the United States, though. We haven't heard of anyone procuring this in bars or restaurants stateside yet either.

If you've had a chance to try Sherlock's Gin, please do let us know.

Meanwhile, you can follow Distillers of Surrey on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to Howard Ostrom for the tip.