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“Volume 'H' in his encyclopaedia of reference” [PRIO] 

Sherlock Holmes on screen 1929-1938

If you were looking for the Sherlock Holmes media pundit, you've come to the right place. Howard Ostrom is a completist of Sherlock Holmes material in media, and he's been on the hunt for decades.

Howard has collected more than 4,300 names of individuals who have played Sherlock Holmes in various formats over the years, and has written the new book Sherlock Holmes Cyclopædia Volume I: 1929-1939, with Thierry Saint-Joanis, BSI ("Monsieur Bertillon") as editor and illustrator, as an accurate documentation of Sherlock Holmes across all media.

In our conversation, Howard describes the discovery of an error and a determination of the correct identity of the first actor to play Sherlock Holmes on film; he shares his secrets of sourcing new material; he makes an expert suggestion on where new Sherlockians might start their journey; and shares one or two of his biggest surprises.

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