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"in and among the trenches" [REDH] 

In the previous episode, we talked with Ross Davies about supporting the fighting men of World War I. Now we look at one man in particular and his service during the Great War: Sherlock Holmes.

We of course know all about Holmes's long game, leading up to the capture of Baron Von Bork in "His Last Bow." But there's so much more information regarding his whereabouts, the doings of the government, the international forces at play, and even wine that deserves a deeper look.

Hence, the Baker Street Irregulars took the opportunity to do just that in Trenches: The War Service of Sherlock Holmes with the manuscript to "His Last Bow," edited by Bob Katz and Andy Solberg. They join us for a fifth time to talk about their work. The reason this one is so different from other versions is that the manuscript to "His Last Bow" is incomplete, and the owner of the manuscript wished to remain — and still remains — completely anonymous.

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