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"the faded script" [HOUN] 

We've all had experience listening to Sherlock Holmes audio programs. Right? RIGHT??

And just as we have favorite screen adaptations, we also have our special audio heroes as well. Rathbone and Bruce, Gielgud and Richardson, Shelley and Hobbes, Merrison and Williams... they all bring to mind a feeling of nostalgia for the stories.

But there are many original episodes that have gone missing. And our guest, Ian Dickerson, has managed to track down some of the original scripts of the Rathbone/Bruce radio series that were lost to the ages. Between the Edith Meiser era and the Anthony Boucher / Denis Green era, there was another writer — one known more for his stories about Simon Templar than anything else. And Ian managed to unearth them and put together a fine book on the topic.

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3:55 A warm welcome
6:00 New titles from Wessex Press
7:41 A secret announcement
9:33 Welcome Ian Dickerson
13:52 Edith Meiser's contributions
19:47 Leslie Charteris was a busy fellow
22:16 The radio business in the 1940s
25:42 Who was behind getting Sherlock Holmes on the radio
26:26 The early sponsors
29:51 How Ian managed to find the scripts
35:50 What's coming in the next volume
37:15 A short biography of Leslie Charteris
43:50 Who is the Falcon?
46:30 Similarities/differences between Holmes and Templar
48:49 Radio in the U.K.
59:49 The Baker Street Journal
1:01:19 The secret unveiled


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