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If you frequent this site, you're certainly familiar with our 10 year-long show, in which we interview notable Sherlockians who are doing their part to keep the memory of Sherlock Holmes green. I Hear of Sherlock has evolved over that decade, but we're on a steady cadence of long-form interviews on the 15th and 30th of every month.

Meanwhile, over on Trifles, we're engaged in something different: we have short discussions of about 15 minutes in length every week in which we talk about one or two trifling issues that we've noticed within the Sherlock Holmes stories. It's an approach that we hope brings more people into our fold who are new to Sherlock Holmes and are fascinated with the details within the story.

Before we get to a recap of what we've been talking about, we wanted to take a moment to thank you. In July, we asked for your assistance in nominating our two shows for the Podcast Awards. Well, your generous support has paid off: of the hundreds of shows that were nominated, Trifles was selected as a finalist for a Podcast Award in the Arts category!

Thank you for making this possible. And most of all, thank you for listening.

And now, on with the recap of our August shows.

August Update

Our first show of the month was Episode 32: A Return to Normalcy via Norwood in which we discussed Watson's return to Baker Street following Holmes's return from the Great Hiatus. Holmes was behind the financing that made such a move possible. What was going on here?

Then we moved on to Episode 33: Thumb Up for Engineers. We took a few salient points from Bliss Austin's early work on some engineering irregularities in "The Engineer's Thumb." And a few of you pointed out the hilarity of the title of the episode.

Next up was an investigation of the "The Cardboard Box" - its introduction that was later recycled and its disappearance from the collected stories in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Hear what we discussed in Episode 34: The Mysterious Box.

And finally, in Episode 35: The Real Greek Hero, we picked apart the players in "The Greek Interpreter" and gave our opinion as to who was the true hero of the story.

We hope you enjoy these discussions. If you do, please subscribe to Trifles via the podcast provider of your choice, or to the email updates.

And if you'd like to learn more about Tom Richmond, the talented artist behind the show's logo, check out Episode 65: Art in the Blood.