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"His eyes kindled and a slight flush sprang to his thin cheeks." [CROO]

We've previously discussed the rise of e-readers, but in the last three years, the growth has been explosive. The Kindle, iPad and Nook are the leading e-readers, and each provides a different experience to allow users to enjoy a whole library of books in a single thin device.

Some traditionalists may bemoan the rise of the e-reader, but there's good evidence that printed books are not being squeezed out any time soon - the tactile experience of reading is as important as ever. But e-readers do give us the ability to have access to an extraordinary number of books at any given time.

On August 26, Amazon will release Leslie S. Klinger's cornerstone work The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes on Kindle. Imagine that! Walking around with an entire annotated edition of the Canon without tempting a hernia, or the threat of being crushed to death while reading in bed. We'll be particularly interested in seeing how the annotations work in e-format. If you haven't already, you can pre-order your copy and it will be delivered to you on August 26.

Also just announced is the multi-platform Sherlock Holmes: Victorian Knights. Available on KindleiTunes and Nook, the graphic novel written by Ken Janssens and illustrated by Matt Martin involves a brave and thick-haired Holmes with a shaggy mutton chopped Watson investigating the goings on at a haunted boarding house in 19th century London.

Why, there's even a Facebook Group called Kindle Sherlock Holmes Readers that anyone can join, whose states their is "We're interested in hearing about what Sherlockian books/stories you are reading in eBook form, and also your recommendations for what might possibly make good Sherlockian eBook reading." And of course, you can find a growing list of Sherlock Holmes-related Facebook Pages and Groups here.

And if you'd care to go beyond our meager mentions of Sherlock Holmes on the Kindle, please take a look below - there are over 1,700 titles to choose from; some free, others with a modest fee. Do you have any favorites? Leave us a comment below.

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