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"The game is afoot." - 'The Adventure of the Abbey Grange'

You may see some anomalies on this site in the days and weeks ahead. Please rest assured that any (Baker Street ) irregularities you see are merely the result of the site undergoing a transformation.

We're in the midst of merging all of the content from The Baker Street Blog with our domain here. In addition to the content moving over, the site will be redesigned. But we'll continue to offer our audio episodes as well. Our commitment is to provide news and commentary on the intersection of Sherlock Holmes and popular culture.

As always, you can subscribe to our podcast (for free) via iTunes, Stitcher, or IHOSE Android app, our IHOSE iOS app, or our IHOSE Windows app. And there are also three different levels of FREE email subscriptions that you can sign up for: the full feed, weekly updates, and audio-only.

We hope you'll stick with us throughout this trying but exciting time - and we hope you'll give us some feedback and let us know how we're doing.