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“Pipes are occasionally of extraordinary interest.” [YELL]

The iconic image of Sherlock Holmes always includes a pipe. The association between Great Detective and three-pipe problems is so strong that his silhouette is featured on signs outside tobacco shops around the world...

Outside a tobacco shop in Reykjavik, Iceland

...which is why I find it delightful that Peterson of Dublin has a Sherlock Holmes series of pipes.

I do not smoke a pipe, but I think that these pipes are simply lovely. I wouldn't mind having one or more of these on a rack on my Sherlock Holmes shelf. Peterson has been hand-crafting high-end pipes since 1865. The company motto is “The Thinking Man Smokes A Peterson Pipe”, so it makes some sense that they would create an entire series in honor of one of the greatest thinking men in literature.

First issued in 1987, the pipes are available in smooth briar, ebony, rustic, and some sandblast finish. All have extra large bowls, with sterling silver bands and a fishtail mouthpiece. The initial issue was in the form of a seven day set, and included a specially crafted wooden rack for the complete set.
No mention of "all the plugs and dottles left from his smokes of the day before, all carefully dried and collected on the corner of the mantelpiece." [ENGR]

The Watson, in smooth briar
The Professor, in ebony

The original issue was then followed up by “The Return of” set.

The Lestrade

The Milverton

There’s also a meerschaum version of the original set.

The Deerstalker in Meerschaum

I have not seen these in a store (retail locations are rather select) but, as I write this, eBay prices are $130 minimum and Amazon has a few for $220 and up.

You can visit the Peterson website for a list of where to buy in your area and for more information on the whole collection.

Do you have these sets or any of the pipes that are part of the collections? We'd love to hear about your experience, and perhaps a bit about why you choose to smoke a pipe. Drop us a line or leave a comment.