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"a wilder exhibition of passion" [CREE] 

In 1851, the Great Exhibition highlighted then "cutting edge" technology and industry. For its 100th anniversary, the Exhibition used then-current means to create a special highlight for Sherlockians - a replica of Holmes' sitting room, which is now on display in the Sherlock Holmes Pub in London.

Not to be outdone, the current version of the Exhibition is now online...and also contains an excellent opportunity for Sherlockians to participate and demonstrate a slightly wilder exhibitions of their own passions.

Thanks to a strong Internet presence (including the Great Exhibition on Twitter), people can actually vote for those things which are "great" about Great Britain. Of special interest to Sherlockians are the two following categories of interest:

Sherlock Holmes - http://www.thegreatexhibition2012.co.uk/greats/sherlock-holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - http://www.thegreatexhibition2012.co.uk/greats/sir-arthur-conan-doyle

At the 1951 Exhibition, the ability to view the Great Detective's drawing room helped the character make a deeper impact on history; now, Sherlockians can play an active role in making sure that impact is felt for future generations as well.

Editor's note: This essay was submitted by Gordon Dymowski, who regularly covers the intersection of Sherlock Holmes and the entertainment industry. You can also find him at Blog THIS, Pal! and Comic Related.