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It's not very often that one has an opportunity to speak with someone who has a direct connection to a legend. In this case, Burt and Scott spoke with Michael Hoey, the son of Dennis Hoey -Inspector Lestrade to Basil Rathone's Sherlock Holmes.

Michael Hoey is the author of Sherlock Holmes & the Fabulous Faces - The Universal Pictures Repertory Company (affiliate link). In this fascinating book, Mr. Hoey focuses not on Rathbone and Bruce, but rather on the 68 men and women in supporting roles in the 12 Sherlock Holmes films that Universal Pictures produced in the early 1940s.

Join us as a very special guest introduces Mr. Hoey, as Hoey reminisces about his visits to the sets of Universal, recounts many bits of trivia about the Universal series that we all know and love, and reveals some little-known gems.

Mr. Hoey will be appearing at From Gillette to Brett III in Indianapolis in November. There's still time to register - and if you click through to the link above to buy his book, you might be able to get it signed by Mr. Hoey himself.

We wrap up the show with a reading of the Editor’s Gas-Lamp from a 1956 issue of The Baker Street Journal, Vol. 6, No.1 covering "Fictional Characters."


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