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"I found myself at the falls of Reichenbach" [FINA]

For Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, other than Baker Street in London, there is one location mentioned in the Canon that can be considered Holmesian holy land: the Reichenbach Falls in Meirengen, Switzerland.

And while some may have had the opportunity to go as part of an organized event (the Sherlock Holmes Society of London held an official trip in 2005 called Making a Beeline for Switzerland), most of us have only had a chance to read about travels to and celebrations at the Falls.

Here's an added opportunity to view a bit of the scene, from a Swiss railway journeys documentary. A tip of the deerstalker goes to Karen Murdock (aka "May Blunder" on the Hounds of the Internet), who discovered this video:

Have you ever visited the Reichenbach Falls or Meirengen? What were your personal impressions? Or perhaps your're planning a trip. Please leave a comment below and share your story.