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"self-willed for the job" [LAST]

One never knows where an interest in Sherlock Holmes will lead or when it will come in handy. In the case of Rhiannon Paine, it meant a job offer.

On her blog Crooks by the Book, Ms. Paine recounts the story in "Sherlock Holmes got me a job," in which she describes responding to a job posting for an assistant editor at The San Francisco Chronicle. You can read all about her own chronicle of the adventure by clicking the link above.

We won't give away how it all came about. But the hiring manager in the story? None other than a Baker Street Irregular—Robert Frier, BSI ("Colonel Upwood").

The moral of the story: Sherlock Holmes pops up in the strangest of places. Having a hobby such as ours may not only be enjoyable, but it may lead to other exciting opportunities. It's best to prepare in advance.