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“a single large airy sitting-room” [STUD] 

It's always fun to take a Sherlockian field trip. The British are fortunate in that they can hop on a train or in a car and find themselves at some of the original locations that inspired places in the Sherlock Holmes stories. Or certainly to Ground Zero: the rooms at 221B Baker Street in London.

In the U.S., it's not always quite so easy (even though the Baker Street Irregulars have hosted excursions in Salt Lake City, the Vermissa Valley, and elsewhere). Which is why it's a pleasure to be able to step back in time and through the doors of 221B Baker Street in the home of Denny Dobry, BSI ("A Single Large Airy Sitting-Room") in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Burt traveled to Denny's home and descended those 17 steps to talk with Denny about a number of things, including the inspiration behind his remarkable collection of items, the Sherlockian group dedicated to recreating the famous sitting room, the BSI Trust, the Beacon Society, and more.

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