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"they were said to be a most united couple." [DANC] 

You might call them the first couple of the Baker Street Irregulars. Albert ("Inspector Bradstreet") and Julia ("Mrs. Turner") Rosenblatt have graced the Sherlockian scenes as a couple since the early 1970s.

We had a chance to visit them at their home in New York, where we heard about a little girl named Margie and an unrelated trip to Meiringen were responsible for sparking the interest that led to so many amazing things.

From arranging the quinquennial Sherlockian dinners at the Culinary Institute of America with Master Chef Fritz Sonnenschmidt, BSI ("Simpson's") to writing Dining with Sherlock Holmes, and providing us with the BSI year-in-review in verse and a second generation Sherlockian, Al and Julie have been sparking plugs for many others.

Join us to hear why this hobby is about more than the collective events and publications; it's about relationships.

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1:36 Intro
2:55 Listener comments
7:33 Your comments, please
9:35 Sponsor: The Wessex Press
10:38 Meet Al and Julie Rosenblatt
12:37 We have Margie to thank for Julie's first meeting with Sherlock Holmes
14:10 Al's first meeting with Sherlock Holmes and a trip to Meirengen
16:15 The Baker Street Irregulars come onto the scene
18:23 Julie's educational efforts
20:00 Sherlock Holmes and the law, including retired Sherlockians sitting in for fun
22:30 Betsy, their Sherlockian progeny
24:51 Al and Betsy begin their BSI Weekend in verse partnership
29:00 The Venn diagram of a Sherlockian couple
30:42 The beginnings of the Culinary Institute dinners
36:57 The cookbook
38:13 Master Chef Fritz Sonnenschmidt is on the scene
44:52 Splitting attention between the BSI and ASH
47:39 Memories of Julian Wolff
50:03 Sponsor: The Baker Street Journal
51:45 A conversation with Julian about the difference between fact and fiction
53:30 Women in the BSI
1:00:25 Julie receives her investiture and the pair becomes the first entry in the Florin Society
1:05:30 Non-Sherlockian interests and what's next
1:10:00 It started with Sherlock Holmes, but now it's about friendship
1:11:02 Final remarks


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