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"Oh, he has a European fame, has he?" [REDC]

While Sherlock Holmes is firmly rooted in London, the connections to Europe in the Sherlock Holmes stories are many. But have you ever stopped to ponder, as a whole, how mentions of the Continent and various European countries stack up? You might be surprised.

Travel with us as Burt and Scott take a deeper look into some of the European influences that Conan Doyle infused into the various stories. From Moriarty's European reputation to the "European situation" mentioned in "The Second Stain." What was so delicate at the time and who was Lord Bellinger? We note how refugees were treated in Europe in the time of The Valley of Fear. We even do an accounting of Holmes's fine work for many of the royal houses of Europe.

In addition, we treat you to a rundown of some Sherlock Holmes news, we welcome Steve Mason as our quiz contestant and have a special themed Gas-Lamp from The Sherlock Holmes Journal to fall in line with our European topic. All this and more!

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1:50 Hello and the perils of punctuation
3:52 Current celebrations in London
5:18 Brexit and The Now Show
8:33 Sponsor: The Baker Street Journal
10:45 Europe and Sherlock Holmes
13:00 WARNING: Two bad dad jokes within 30 seconds of each other
17:30 What was going on in Europe during the events of 'The Second Stain'
23:33 Europe and London as central characters
36:55 Holmes never ate chocolate (perhaps to avoid memories of Switzerland)
39:30 Two Sherlock Holmes museums in Switzerland
44:07 Sponsor: Wessex Press
45:17 Sherlock Holmes in the news
56:18 Sponsor: Amanda Lester, Detective
57:35 Mental Exaltation
1:07:40 Gas-Lamp
1:12:20 Final thoughts - please take our survey


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