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"more than I could possibly venture" [GREE]

As Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, we're accustomed to people of various vocations and with a myriad of hobbies trying to shoehorn Sherlock Holmes into their particular interests. From tennis to dentistry, Holmes has been linked with many more topics than the original 60 stories would otherwise indicate.

So it should be no surprise when something as far-flung as the high paced venture capital world brings Holmes into the limelight. Certainly, Robert Downey, Jr.'s turn as the detective played a role; but the author of 10 Reasons Sherlock Holmes Is the Ideal VC did a little more homework.

Here are are the 10 reasons given; if you'd like the full explanation behind each, please click through to the original article.

  1. Complete and utter attention to his clients
  2. Immensely perceptive and observant
  3. He's a world-travelled, experienced entrepreneur himself
  4. Massive intellectual curiosity; great erudition
  5. Loves the Big Idea, Huge Risk-Taker & Admires Disruption
  6. Great Mentor, Coach and Board Member
  7. Great Ear for the Customer
  8. Driven with Enormous Energy
  9. High Standards and Innate Sense of What is Right
  10. Sense of Humor

What do you think? Does the Sherlock Holmes that you know fit into these categories? Is there anything you'd object to?

Tip of the old deerstalker to Jeff Sass for sharing this article.