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The Beacon Society is a Sherlockian group that was founded some 5 years ago to support and recognize exemplary educational experiences that introduce young people to Sherlock Holmes. I have been fortunate to be involved with that group, which is comprised of some very dedicated and resourceful people. For example, you can find teaching tools, course curriculum examples, lesson plans and quizzes about Sherlock Holmes. Teachers and librarians should have a field day with this.

This is the time of year when we open nominations for the Beacon Award, which is our way of recognizing individuals who have done their part in bringing Sherlock Holmes to children. The benefits are obvious:
- they're doing their part in encouraging childhood literacy, which is critical today;
- they're helping to plant the seeds for the next generation of Sherlockians.

As such, we typically bestow the Beacon Award on one or more individual or group who sets themselves apart. The nominations process is open until October 31, so please act now - get your nominations in to the committee. The previous link will take you to the nominations page, which includes a nomination form.

Nominations Guidelines
  1. One or more Award(s) for excellence in introducing young people to Holmes may be granted each year. An Award may go to a person or an organization. The person or organization may or may not be Sherlockian.
  2. Anyone can make a nomination. The Awards Task Group has the right to reject a nomination that is frivolous, incomplete, or otherwise deemed inappropriate.
  3. No one can nominate himself/herself.
  4. Nominations for Awards open on October 1 and close on October 31. Early or late nominations will be not accepted and will be returned to the person making the nomination.
  5. All Beacon Society members will be invited to join in the vote on final recipients. The list of nominees will only be distributed to Awards Task Group Members and other members of the Beacon Society who have responded to the invitation via email or some other way that they
  6. want to vote.
  7. The only restriction on voting is that a person cannot vote for himself/herself.
  8. Ties in voting for the award will be brought up for at least one other vote limited to the tied nominees. After the second round of voting, the Committee can decide to give two awards if, at that point, the Committee chooses, or it can vote again.

Each Award consists of:
  • A Certificate
  • A 1 year BSJ subscription to a school/organization of the recipient's choice, and
  • A short feature on the recipient in the BSJ and/or the Serpentine Muse.
  • A cash award will only be given if the Beacon Society has the resources to do so.
The Beacon Award is typically announced and granted during the BSI Weekend in New York.

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