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A Trifling Reference is a "cross reference of the cases of the Consulting Detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, as chronicled by his friend and colleague, John H. Watson, M.D."

Some features include an entirely searchable Canon - customizable by collection or novel, with results grouped by story and with excerpts around the word or phrase for which the user searched.

In addition, the names of the 60 stories are listed in alphabetical order, with links to read the full stories. There is also a clickable link that sorts them in the order of the date of their first publication.

And finally, the major chronologies are shown side by side, and - this is a very cool and useful feature - are sortable by a clickable link at the top of each column, thus allowing the stories to be sorted in chronological order by chronologer: Bell, Christ, Zeisler, Brend, and Baring-Gould 1 and 2.


SED said... May 23, 2006 at 12:11 PM

Great little db. Thanks for linking to it and pointing it out.