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“the favorite for the Wessex Cup” [SILV]  

One of the more whimsical events during the annual Baker Street Irregulars Weekend is a recent addition: the running of the Wessex Cup. It's a horse race named after the iconic race that the eponymous missing horse was scheduled to run in "The Adventure of Silver Blaze."

Now, before you wonder where a horse race might be staged in Manhattan, let us spoil it by telling you the horses are not actual equines. In fact, they're toy wind-up horses with mini-figure jockeys, festooned with custom items made by Peggy McFarlane, BSI ("Violet Westbury").

Mavis, owned by Madeline Quiñones

And the action takes place on Thursday, January 11, 2024. Details below.

All of this is made possible under the auspices of the ACD Society and organized by Ross Davies, BSI ("The Temple"). Last month, interested parties were able to purchase a stable and claim their place in the Wessex Cup. 

For those present in New York City for the BSI Weekend, the race may be seen in person, hosted by Otto Penzler, BSI ("The King of Bohemia") at The Mysterious Bookshop — on January 11, 2024, starting at 11:15 a.m. sharp.

If you're not able to be there, the event will be carried live online. You can register to watch by filling out this form.

The second annual running of the Wessex Cup is accompanied by the third annual Doylean Honors to recognize exemplary contributions related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the categories of fiction and poetry, performing arts, scholarly writing, and visual arts.

It promises to be an exciting and fun event. Hope you can take part in whichever format works for you.


Listen to our interview with Ross Davies, Cliff Goldsfarb, and Ashley Polasek on All Things ACD: