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 “As to your dates, that is the biggest mystification of all.” [CREE]

There's a Kickstarter going from MX Publishing that you might want to get ahead of.

For 2024, they're offering a page-a-day calendar with quotes and significant events noted on each of the 366 days.

That's right you get an extra day in this calendar!

All kidding aside, it's important to get your order in before the Kickstarter expires on July 9, 2023, because this is not a print-on-demand item; but this requires a bulk order from the printers up front.

It's filled with the wit and wisdom of Sherlock Holmes, as well as events that mark the passing of time within the Sherlock Holmes canon.

If you're part of a Sherlockian scion, you might want to note this particular benefit: there is a scion discount for orders of 10 calendars or more.

Contact your scion leader or band together with other members of your group to take advantage of this discount and secure your calendars.

And when the project passes 100 backers, all backers will receive $100+ worth of Sherlock Holmes mystery books in PDF format — a mix of short story collections, novels and non-fiction.

This would make a great gift for the Sherlockian in your life. Plan ahead for the holidays. 

Get this calendar on your shopping list today, before it's too late.