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“a turn which neither of us could have anticipated” [REIG]  

D. Martin Dakin’s A Sherlock Holmes Commentary is one of the more important contributions to Sherlockian scholarship. In it, he discussed the entirety of the Sherlock Holmes canon, plus two apocryphal tales.

But Dakin also acknowledged that he was probably missing the discovery of scholarship that had happened prior to his time. Bruce Harris, in his Anticipations in D. Martin Dakin’s A Sherlock Holmes Commentary, digs deeper into the older scholarship and has found earlier commentary on the points that interested Dakin.

This is a fine companion volume to a cornerstone of Sherlockian scholarship. And Bruce's journey there is a fascinating one.

The Canonical Couplet follows the interview: we give you two lines of poetry, and you need to identify which Sherlock Holmes story they represent. The winner will receive a copy of Bruce's book.

Send your answer to comment @ ihearofsherlock .com by May 29, 2022 at 11:59 a.m. EST. The winner will be chosen at random from among all the correct answers. All listeners are eligible to play.

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