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"he does not care for general practice, which distracts him from his literary work" [MISS] 

Letter from Conan Doyle to H. Greenough Smith, c. 1901 (Special Collections Toronto Public Libraries - Flickr)

There must be something in the water. Or the air. Have you noticed an uptick of interest in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lately?

We spoke with Mark Jones of the Doings of Doyle podcast last season. Since then, a new society has met, another has been formed, and an academic journal has begun its path.

To help us understand the impetus behind this movement, we invited three well-informed and energetic individuals who are responsible for some of it: Ross Davies, BSI ("The Temple"), Cliff Goldfarb ("Fordham the Horsham Lawyer"), and Ashley Polasek, BSI ("Singlestick"). Each of them plays a unique but essential role in the development of these public-facing entities, and they each help us understand how it all fits together. 

The Canonical Couplet quiz winner this time will receive the official lapel pin of The Literary Agents (seen below).  Answers are due by March 29, 2021 at 11:59 a.m.

Image credit: Charles Prepolec (Facebook)

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