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“discussion of those questions which lie between us” [FINA] 

In an effort to cheer the spirits of the home-bound and continue reveling in Sherlock Holmes, we decided a show with just Burt and Scott discussing current affairs was, in addition to brandy, just what the good doctor ordered.

Given that all Sherlockian gatherings this spring have been cancelled or postponed, we used this as a jumping-off point for imagining what kind of virtual gatherings we might be able to instigate. We had a few ideas, but our live audience added to the mix as well.

Plus, we talked a bit about personality types, what we're grateful for, and a curious box that arrived on Scott's doorstep.

We didn't miss out on the Canonical Couplet, and for one lucky listener, we're offering a copy of Michael and Mollie Hardwicke's The Sherlock Holmes Companion. Get your answer in before April 14 to qualify!

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