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"if I could see what occurred in the month of August" [BLAC] 

We continue to crank out our weekly show, Trifles (available on any podcasting service), currently up to our 142nd episode. Sign up for email updates there and/or subscribe via your audio device for weekly updates every Wednesday, when we take about 15 minutes to talk about one or two issues that we've noticed within the Sherlock Holmes stories.

It's an approach that we hope brings more people into our fold who are new to Sherlock Holmes and are fascinated with the details within the story, or who may have some questions about what they read.

Here's what you missed in our August shows.

August Update

Note: If you've listened to more than one episode of Trifles, just a word of caution: don't skip the intro or the final few seconds of each show. We vary the introductions and we have a different closing quote from the Granada production on every episode. Collect them all!

We began the month with the second part in a two-part series, John Watson's Youth - Part 2. This was a particularly special set of episodes because we featured Bob Katz, BSI ("Dr. Anstruther"), who told us about his intricate and ingenious theory.

We sailed on to our monthly recurring theme of Sports and Games, heading onto the water with Ahoy! Rowing, Boating and Yachting. More than just vessels of transportation, these were sporting events. Where did we find them in the Canon?

Our other regular feature, International Sherlock Holmes, is a monthly look at various nationalities and countries in the Canon and how they impact the stories. This month, it's Russians and Sherlock Holmes, as we determine the connections to Russia.

And we're doing it do you again: ending the month with a cliffhanger. It's Music in the Canon, Part 1: Composers and their Works. Whose names come up and what do we know of certain songs that were sung, played or mentioned in passing?

A Question for You

How are we doing so far? Is there anything that's been burning your mind about the stories that you think we should discuss? We'd love your suggestions! Simply email us at trifles@ihearofsherlock.com and we'll add it to our queue of topics.

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If you'd like to learn more about Tom Richmond, the talented artist behind the show's logo, you can hear his story in Episode 65: Art in the Blood.