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"Fixing the Nets" [HOUN] 

When Chris Redmond decided to give up Sherlockian.net after 22 years, there was great uncertainty about its future. Would it be abandoned, archived, deleted or sustained? And who would handle any of the monumental work of modernizing the site that had its humble beginnings in 1994?

Enter Liza Potts, an associate professor at Michigan State University. Potts runs the WIDE Research Center (Writing, Information and Design Experience) there and just so happened to like Sherlock Holmes. But she had no idea what was in store for her.

With a handful of students and a select advisory board of Sherlockians, Prof. Potts set out to wrangle some 3,000 links and hundreds of pages, giving them the modern treatment. But as with all technical projects, there are human elements and stories galore that make this a fascinating adventure.

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1:48 We lied and call upon the ghost of Dudley Moore for help
5:44 An update from Episode 130
7:00 A Philadelphia story
11:45 Wessex Press
13:30 Happy Birthday to _______
16:54 Welcome Liza Potts
17:29 First meeting with Sherlock Holmes - via Jeremy Brett
24:37 Study abroad program
30:04 Taking on Sherlockian.net
43:15 Participatory culture
54:38 The site logo
1:02:51 What's next?
1:11:44 Wow!
1:13:38 The Baker Street Journal
1:15:19 All we ask is this one thing
1:17:35 Extra


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