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"I have had no proof yet" [SIGN]

Recently, Sherlocktron, a long-time Internet information center for Sherlock Holmes, was forced to move to a new Internet service provider at http://sherlocktron.com/.

The site owner, Willis Frick, has now updated the files at the new web site. But he he is looking for your help to make sure the listings are up to date.

At this point, he has been able to verify the Web addresses (URLs) and email addresses of the purveyors of Sherlockian items and of the society publications listed. However, many Sherlockian purveyors and societies do not have a means to contact them electronically to verify the information - and that is where he needs your help, dear readers.

Please take a few minutes to looks at these files:
Sherlockian Publication List (PDF)
Sherlockian Purveyor List (PDF)

If there are any additions, corrections or deletions required, please notify Willis by email: sherlock1 [AT] cox [DOT] net. 

For information about these lists see: 
About Sherlockian Publications (PDF)
About Sherlockian Purveyors (PDF)

It would be a wonderful gesture to extend to Willis, as he finishes up this project. After all, someday you may be looking for something Sherlockian or for a newsletter from a society, and this resource may come in handy.