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News from the southwest: Irregular Bob Stek, BSI ("The Mysterious Scientist") moved to Tucson, Arizona a few years ago and naturally took with him his love of Sherlock Holmes.

In doing so, he founded the Desert Prospectors of Arizona and has led them on a regular cadence of meetings. In Bob's own words (submitted as a tip to our site - see the mail icon to submit yours):

Still less than a year old, the DPA’s have met three times, but have already heard papers about deerstalker caps, Edith Meisner, seeing and observing, the violin in the Canon, Lillie Langtry as the model for Irene Adler, and have heard two violinists with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra play the theme to the BBC Jeremy Brett series – transcribed for two violins by ear! At our last meeting we heard from the artistic manager of the Arizona Theater Company who informed us about the world premiere of “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club” to be presented in Tucson on September 23rd and later in Phoenix. Naturally the Prospectors will attend the opening night en masse.

Bob was kind enough to share an article from the Tucson Weekly which also incorporated this video featuring an interview with Bob and other members:

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