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In the fall of 2011 Focus Home Interactive will publish a new Sherlock Holmes video game developed by Frogwares Game Development Studio. You may recall our original post on the matter ("With My Hands on the Testament" [IDEN]) back in February. The game, titled The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is specially designed for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles, while also playable on PC. New screenshots of the game can be found at The Adventure Games of Sherlock Holmes as well as information on all of Frogwares’ other games in their Adventure of Sherlock Holmes series.

If you prefer your gaming to happen on a table rather than a screen, BoardGameGeek News reports:
Ystari Games will release a new edition of the 1985 Spiel des Jahres winner, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, with the mysteries rewritten to match the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This game will likely appear in 2011, with both a regular and a deluxe edition.

A bit vague, but something to look forward to. The game is currently out of print (although rare copies are occasionally available from merchants), making the Ystari reprint welcome news to fans and to anyone who's ever wanted to try it. From what I understand, players assume the role of a Baker Street Irregular and are given a mystery to solve. There are no dice, and no board; players use a map of London, a 'clue book', an archive of newspaper articles and a directory of people and places to solve the case. Designed for 1-6 people, the game can be played competitively, cooperatively or solo. Many reviews I've read compare it to a 'choose your own adventure' book, in that there is a lot of reading and the gameplay is very free form - you really do choose who to interview and where to go based on your own observations of the clues. For an added challenge, there is a 'Holmes score' for each case - can you solve the mystery faster than the Great Detective did?

I look forward to trying. Hopefully "likely appear in 2011" happens sooner rather than later.

Editor's note: Kate writes at The Diary of Dr. Watts.