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The Sherlockian by Graham Moore

It's always fun to have an author on our show, and even more so when the author has written a book that has gotten many popular reviews lately. Graham Moore was inspired to write The Sherlockian after discovering the character in his childhood and discovering that the people who admire him are an interesting lot.

Burt and Scott go inside the mind of the author to discern his intent, determine the origin of the fascination with Doyle, Holmes and Sherlockians, discuss inaccuracies (were they intentional or not?), and find out just what it's like - in his own words - for a 28 year-old to write a novel for the first time - a daunting task, regardless of one's age.

We take a bit of a departure with our tradition of reading the Editor's Gas-Lamp this time - tune in to hear where we took our inspiration from and how we share it with you.


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