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Here's an opportunity that might interest a number of aspiring playwrights. I received a query from a publicist who is looking for someone to write a mystery-themed play for a cruise ship audience - and there's some money involved.

Here's the official description of what they're looking for:
My company provides entertainment for several cruise lines. I have a cruise line client that is looking for a writer who can put together a Sherlock Holmes Mystery play for a cruise ship audience – this play would be performed during the cruise by the onboard cast of singers and dancers and cruise staff and would repeat every cruise. It could either take place all in one evening (like a typical Murder Mystery Event) or spread out over the course of the cruise with different things happening each day culminating at the end of the cruise. The line is initially interested in placing this show on one ship with a 12 night itinerary in Europe.

The cruise line would prefer to purchase this as a one time cost and then hire a choreographer to stage it on onboard. If it goes well, they may want to purchase additional shows down the road.
Think you've got what it takes? The contact for this is Robin Cahill and she can be reached at robin [AT] doncasino [DOT] com or (305) 931-7552.

If you know of anyone with the talent to pull this off, please let them know by clicking on that little green "Share This" button below the post - you'll be able to email them, bookmark it, or post it on other sites. What a great opportunity this is for the right person!


dabrah said... March 23, 2009 at 6:45 AM

This looks as if it might be fun to try. I'm a great Holmes fan and so will enjoy exploring your blogs.