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I'll be in New York for the BSI Weekend, participating in many of the activities. As a service to the community, I'll be providing live updates for those who can't be there - I'll be using Twitter, a microblogging service that is free to join. But you don't have to join to follow along.

I'll be posting on http://twitter.com/S_Holmes, where you can follow along - but I'll also have those updates streaming in little boxes at the top of The Baker Street Blog and The BSI Weekend sites, so you can follow the action there as well. You see that section over to the right labeled "Holmes Was a Very Busy Man"? That's the section where you can see the Twitter updates.

But if you so elect, you can also get updates on your desktop via Twitterific or Twitteroo, or through your browser by using Twitterfox or Twitbin; or you can get the updates sent directly to you on your mobile phone or through IM.

I'll try to mention people I meet, things that are said, food that is eaten, and sites that I see. But for the ultimate updates, follow me around 10 p.m. EST on Friday, January 11 for real-time updates of those who will be receiving their Investitures into the Baker Street Irregulars.

In addition to "live-tweeting" the events, I'll also put up longer posts here on the blog, so you can learn a little more. I invite any of my readers who are attending the following events - the Gaslight Gala, ASH Wednesday, the Clients of Adrian Mulliner, and Lost in New York with a Bunch of Sherlockians - to please be in touch with me about writing a guest post about your experience with these events. Please email me or leave a comment below.