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For quite some time, we kept a variety of resources available for our readers in drop-down menus in the right columns. But we found that the sites weren't getting enough attention and they were cluttering the page. Instead, what we're trying is a whole page dedicated to resources. If you can find any glaring omissions, please send us a note and let us know what you'd like to see.

"His Encyclopedia of Reference" [EMPT]

A list of essential Sherlockian references

Sherlockian.net Holmepage
Search the Canon
Camden House (text/images)
Calendar of Events (listing)
Conan Doyle Encyclopedia
McMurdo's Camp
Sherlockian Indexes
Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Characters and Historical Figures
Sherlockian Resources on the Internet
The Shaw 100
Sherlock Holmes Pastiches and Parodies
eBSJ Review
All Investitured Irregulars

"This Is a Case for Langdale Pike" [3GAB]

Langdale Pike was Holmes's reference upon all matters of social scandal; these are some other blogs/sites. We'd be delighted to know if there are others we should add. Just email us.

Altamont's Markings
Always 1895
Baker Street Babble
Baker Street Supper Club
The Camden House Journal
The Consulting Detective
Dan Andriacco's Baker Street Beat
Euro Crime
Historical Sherlock
Laurie R. King
Mystery Scene
The Professional Enthusiast
Sherlock Holmes News
Sherlock Peoria
The Rap Sheet
Thoughts From Baker Street
The Watsonian Blog

"Groups of Mysterious Persons" [WIST] 

Some Sherlockian societies online

Sherlockian Societies (complete list)
How to Start and Run a Sherlockian Group
Sherlockian Who's Who
The Beacon Society
The Arthur Conan Doyle Society
Friends of the ACD Collection
The Sherlock Breakfast Club (MeetUp)
The Afghanistan Perceivers (Oklahoma)
The Baker Street Dozen
The Amateur Mendicant Society (Detroit, MI)
Baker Street Breakfast Club (Vermont)
The Blustering Gales from the South West (California)
The Bootmakers of Toronto
The Criterion Bar Association (Chicago)
Denizens of the Bar of Gold (Maryland)
Diogenes Club of Dallas (Texas)
The Fourth Garrideb - Numismatics of Sherlock Holmes
The Hounds of the Internet
The John H. Watson Society
The John Openshaw Society (Houston, TX)
The Hounds of the Baskerville (sic) (Chicago, IL)
McMurdo's Camp (Michigan)
Nashville Scholars / 3-Pipe Problem (Tennessee)
The Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle (Oregon)
The Norwegian Explorers (Minnesota)
The Occupants of the Empty House (Southern Illinois)
The Original Tree Worshipers of Rock County (Wisconsin)
The Parallel Case of St. Louis
The Red Circle of Washington, DC
The Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club (Boston)
The Sherlock Holmes Society of Austin (Texas)
The Sound of the Baskervilles (Washington)
Watson's Tin Box (Ellicott City, MD)
The Younger Stamfords (Iowa)

"Gathered From Many Nations" [GLOR] 

International Links

The International Sherlock Holmes Exhibition
The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
The Bookmakers of Toronto
Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press can be viewed as a text-based archive on Sherlocktron or a visual-based archive at the Red Circle of Washington, DC site.
The Serpentine Muse
Sherlockology - the definitive source for the BBC series
Sherlock Peoria
The Shoso-In BulletinTrifles

"What Have I Missed?" [RETI]

Is there anything here that we have omitted? Please write to us and let us know what you think should be considered for addition.