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Sherlock Holmes accepts a check

You probably spend a good amount of money each month on content – Netflix, Spotify, iTunes, mobile apps, cable TV subscriptions, books, DVD rentals, etc. How much do you spend on those each month in total? $50? $100? Maybe more.

We're of the mind that content has value. It takes time and energy to produce. Wouldn't you agree?

While we're not about to suggest that our little program is on the same level as your favorite paid programming, it's fair to assume that these episodes have some value.

We make these shows free because we want them to reach as many Sherlockians (present and future) as possible. But it takes a lot of time and effort to put these together for you. Burt and Scott would absolutely love to do more of this – more interviews and discussions on current and evergreen topics related to Sherlock Holmes. To do that, we’ll need more time, and that means working less hard on other things so we can spend more time on podcasts. And that requires money.

So, if you have the means, and you think this show is worth something, please consider becoming a patron of the arts.

Think of it as both a vote of confidence and a thank you for all of our hard work on I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.

Option 1: Use Patreon

As an alternative to PayPal, we have Patreon, a membership system that allows you to pay per episode. We offer rewards at certain levels for our most generous and faithful patrons. If you think this might work for you, click the button below.
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