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“Look how close they play the game” [3GAB] 

Ken Ludwig, BSI ("Jack Stapleton") has seen his plays, Sherlockian and otherwise, grace the stage and win awards since the 1980s. And Ashley Polasek, BSI ("Singlestick") took on the role of Executive Director of the Ken Ludwig Company in 2022.

Together, the two join us to talk about Ken's latest Sherlockian play, Moriarty, which premiered at the Cleveland Playhouse in April and May of 2023. But the discussion goes well beyond that to include Ken's other works, how Covid affected the play, how the creative process works, how Ashley's unique background and expertise are perfectly suited to her role, and more.

Learn how this dynamic duo play off of each other's strengths to help make everything Ken Ludwig does even more successful. Whether you're a fan of the theater, the creative process, just interested in how a Sherlock Holmes piece comes to life, this is a discussion you won't want to miss. And make sure you listen in for Ken's next Sherlock Holmes play, which he mentions here.

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