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Photo credit: kirinqueen (Flickr)
Some of you remember Mad Libs, that fun series of books that combined storytelling, humor and the  knowledge of grammar for some fun road trips or sleepovers. Over time, the Mad Libs formula has worked its way into Star Wars, Spongebob Squarepants, iCarly and more.

Well now it seems that you can have fun with the Canon by participating in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as Mad Libs. Francis Cleary has started ClozedBooks.com, in which you - yes, you! - can help create Mad Lib versions of the stories. He has already finished "A Scandal in Bohemia" with the help of a handful of participants. You can read the Mad Lib version by clicking through.

Other tales are in the process of being written: "The Red-Headed League," "A Case of Identity," "The Boscombe Valley Mystery," and "The Speckled Band." If you head over there now, you can suggest nouns, verbs and adjectives to be used within the stories. Participants have the choice of logging in with Facebook or Twitter, or contributing anonymously; those who do log in will be given credits on each story's title page.

We think this is a fun way to enjoy the core of the Canon that we all know so well. While we're not certain what level of editing or screening goes into the vetting of grammatical phrases, we'll see what a crowdsourcing exercise does for it.

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